Friday, March 20, 2009

Ton Sai to Ko Phi Phi

Since my last post I hung out in Krabitown longer than expected and then went to Ton Sai. After spending 4 days at Ton Sai I followed the group to Ko Phi Phi today. It is strange how after being in a group for a few weeks, I have gotten used to it and don't quite want to split up yet. When everyone made the decision to go to Phi Phi yesterday and I wasn't sure I finally decided to come along. I wasn't sure about it because I only have 4 days left on my visa so I need to do a visa run soon. I didn't want to rush anything but figured I could see Phi Phi island for a few days and then go north to do a visa run outside of Renong.

We stayed in Krabitown longer than expected because there is a really cool bar there called the Fu Bar. They kinda took us in. A couple guys we met showed us the place and it is connected to a tatoo shop. One of the guys we met got a tatoo from them and then Shy from our group got a tatoo. Each night at the bar was fun, we could put on our own music with our I-Pods and hang out, plus there was a chill area upstares. An Irish guy came to visit the owner because his brother lived there for a month and he wanted to see it, he ended up sleeping there (in the bar) for two nights. It was cool how they let people sleep there. We stayed an extra day because we had a barbeque of fish the last night that the owner payed for so we would stay and drink one more night. I actually went on the boat trip to a little fish farm with the owner where we bought the fish.

Inside the Fu-Bar, and the tatoo guy's

The Danish guy getting a tatoo
The chill area upstairs in the Fu Bar

Finally we left Krabitown to go to Ton Sai beach and a British girl traveling alone tagged along and ended up sharing the room with me. Ton Sai was a really nice and relaxed beach. You could hang out all day on the beach, watch people climb on the rock cliffs right there, and drink and smoke to your hearts content. Railay beach was next to it and you could walk around the point durring low tide or take some other paths over. That beach was full of resorts and had more people trying to sell you stuff on the beach. Ton Sai was nice because it was so relaxed but the sand at Railay was better. The low season has just started so we got some nice bungalows for very cheap. Also the rains have come early so every night at 5-6 a thunder storm came in.

A view of Ton Sai

Railay beach in the morning

In short the first night we went to Railay beach and hung out at a bar on Railay east (the side with not as good of a beach but cheaper bars) and then took a boat back over to Ton Sai. The next day I just layed around on the beach all day, one girl did a base jump (where you jump off a cliff with a parachut) off the cliff right above me. The next day I relaxed in the morning but then went on a kayak trip around the point towards Ao Nang with Amy (the british girl). We saw a small beach that is completely owned by a resort and then went to Ao Nang for a drink. The rain clouds came over the hill while we were there so we had to call it early and try to get back to Ton Sai before the rains came. The last 15 minute of the kayak trip it was dumping on us. Yesterday I got up early and Amy and I walked to Railay and up to a view point and to see a lagoon thing (the view point was better).

The viewpoint of Railay (close) and Ton Sai (farther)

Look closely at this cave shrine

Pictures from Padong beach, next to Railay

Today we all got up early and caught a boat to Ko Phi Phi. Its much more touristy here but its ok. I bet there will be somewhat of a party tonight and the beaches should be nice. Anyway, thats all for now, and I'll keep livin the beach life for a few more days.

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  1. Hi Andy great blog love it! where would you reccomend staying in Tonsai Bay?? and how did you go from Tonsai to koh phiphi, also any tips for there? as we are traveling only a month but all round the south and islands x