Monday, March 30, 2009

Back in Ranong

I left Ko Chang this afternoon on the one in the afternoon boat. It was hard to leave such a wonderful and relaxing place but because of my two week visa I need to keep moving and get closer to Cambodia. My plan is to go to Bangkok tomorrow and deal with my visa stuff for Cambodia and Laos (I decided to drop Vietnam on this trip), and then go to the big Ko Chang until my visa runs out.

I haven't really done much in the last few days on Ko Chang, which was very nice! I would just wake up in the morning and go right into the ocean. The timing seemed to be just right where when I woke up the tide was all the way in and I could go swimming almost right outside my bungalow. After the ocean I would shower and have food. Then I did a bunch of nothing. I would talk to the people around like the guy from Finland, and an older guy from Australia I met, and a British guy that was staying at the bungalows next to us. They were all good people and fun to hang out with.
looking back down the beach towards my bungalows (mid tide)
looking down the beach away from my bungalows (low tide)

One day I layed around in Paradise Bungalow all day hanging out with the owner there, and rains came in the afternoon so it was nice to stay under cover. The next day I did the internet thing. The next day I went over the hill to the south and saw another beach over there with the British guy. Then on our way back we stopped of at a guest house that has cashew and mango wine. The wine was actually really good, and strong, and cheep, a bad combination. My last day I walked south along the long beach and over another hill to another beach to the south (also with the British guy).

There's not a lot else I did. Just drinking shakes by day and beers by night, and hanging out at Paradise (which is where I'll stay when I come back). Another notable thing is that the owner of the guest house I stayed at (Swasdee Resort) was a really good cook. I tried to eat other places to spead my money around but didn't really succeed because Noi was such a good cook. The weather was also pretty good. The first two days it rained in the afternoon, covering up the sunsets, but then it all cleared up and there were good sunsets the last three nights.
First good sunset!
Sunset two days later (the day before I left)

Now its off traveling again, and back to Bangkok again. I left the island with the guy from Finland, and the British guy I met. Tomorrow they are both going over to Ko Phan-gan and I'm going to Bangkok but we will all go to the bus terminal together. We got a room together in Ranong and are planning to go to the hot springs tonight and its been fun with these guys. I'm not too excited to go back to the city and leave the beach but then I can spend some days at the big Ko Chang. I've heard good things and it should be cool to see. Then I can take a boat right from there to Cambodia but you need to have your visa first, thats why I'm getting the visa in Bangkok. Well thats all for nowand I'll make sure to get pictures on here when I'm in Bangkok, peace and love to all!

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