Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Bangkok getting visas

I'm back in Bangkok and it's the same city I remember. The main thing I notice is that there are a lot less travelers now. Before it was busy even at 2 in the morning but now there are a lot less travelers here. Its a good thing and a bad. The streets are easier to manouver through but the hustlers are a bit more agressive because they have to be. Last night I had three thai whores grab my arm and insist that they were coming back to my room for boom boom. I practically had to push them away.

So, after my last blog I went with Tom (the British guy) and Ben (the Finland guy) to the Ranong hot springs. It was the first time either of them had been to a hot spring. They seemed to enjoy it and deffinately were not used to soaking in really hot water. When I got all the way in the 108 or so water they were both impressed. I think that was a good hot spring for first timers. After the soak we just went back to town, had something to eat, and then went to the room in the guest house and had some beers before going to sleep (Tom and I shared a room).

The next day was a basic traveling day but the bus ride took way longer than expected. We all woke up around 9 and had some breakfast. Then we packed and went to the bus terminal. They were both headed over to Koh Phan-gan, so they went together, and I was headed to Bangkok. I missed the 10:30 bus so I had to wait until the 13:30 bus. The ride was so long I didn't get into Bangkok until about midnight. I had met a nice guy from Colorado with his girlfriend from Germany on the boat from koh Chang, then at breakfast, and then on the bus to Bangkok, so we shared a taxi to Kao San Road. They are good people and we split up once out of the taxi.

I walked straight to the place I stayed at before that had the 150 B single rooms. Again the lack of people was evident right away, tons of rooms open, and not hardly any people milling around. As I got closer to the guest house I could hear live music. There was a rock/punk concert in the street about 2-3 doors down from my guest house with a decent sized crowd. I checked into my room got a beer and joined the crowd. It wasn't quite my style of music but the scene was fun to see. It was mostly Thai people and what looked like Indian people (I think because it was an inian resturant that was putting on the concert).

The music ended around 1 and the crowd was very drunk and not ready to stop partying. I talked to an indian guy from Bangkok and a Chinese guy from San Francisco that lives in Bangkok now. They were fun to talk to and after the crowd had disipated mostly me, the San Fran guy, and a friend of his from Texas who also lives in Bangkok went to central Kao San to have a drink. It was fun to talk and maybe they will take me out to have some drinks in a neighborhood that is more local tomorrow. They both didn't like Kao San very much because of how it doesn't really feel like Thailand and is some kind of perverted western place.

After some drinks I went back to my room, thats when the whores wouldn't leave me alone. Before I stayed out that late but I think all the girls were employed in people beds but now there just aren't enough people to boom boom all the whores. Today has been a lazyish day. I got breakfast and ran into the Colorado guy and the German girl again, then went to deal with the visas. I paid for both the Cambodian visa and the Laos visa and its lucky I did it now because the embasies are closed next week and the following week because of holidays and there are only two more working days left in this week. So, I had to pay to get both of them quickly but I think it will be worth it.

It is amazing how fast this 15 day visa is going by. I only have 6 days until I have to leave the country. I have to spend two more days here and then I only have 4 days to see something and leave. That doesn't give me enough time to see the big Koh Chang like I wanted to so I've decided just to go to Trat for a couple days and then to Cambodia. I was one day late to see Gabe, Dharma, and Sarah because they all left in the morning for Cambodia the day I got in at night. Maybe I'll see them in Cambodia when I go, maybe not, I'll just keep in touch and see if it works. Also this blog thing is interesting because now I have gotten some comments from people I don't know or can't figure out who they are (like Tofu Hunter). I bet there are a lot more people reading this than I realize which is strange and cool at the same time. Anyway, thats all for now, peace and love to all!

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