Friday, April 3, 2009

Bangkok's growing on me

The last couple days in bangkok have actually been really fun. After writing this blog a couple days ago I took a nap and then went on a walk around the area. I went to a park near the river first where there is a fort. I looked at the river and then left passing by some break dancers and watched them for a while. Then I went to Kao San and walked down that street. I wasn't sure what to do, just listened to music that sounded good.

I was looking through CD's at this stand and then turned around to see an elephant on the road (kinda sad). Then standing next to me was a Thai girl that recognized me and I recognized her. After talking for a bit we realized that we met in Mae Sot. She was with the three guy's from Hawaii that I met that were staying in the same guest house as me. Her name is Moo and she was entertaining two girls and a guy from Hawaii also. We all hung out for the night and then around 1 they took a cab back to Moo's place after we made plans to hang out at Moo's the next day for some dinner.

I wasn't quite tired so I actually went to a club on Kao San called "the Club" and danced to the house music for a while until I was tired. The next day, yesterday, I woke up lazily and went to the street food place that I like. Again I ran into the Colorado guy and the German girl. We talked while eating and then they went off. Soon after that I met a British couple and we ended up talking for about 3 hours. They just came from India and Nepal the day before, and are both really good people.

While hanging out I was getting texts from Moo saying we were meeting at her place at 6:30 and how to get there. I took a nap after talking to the British couple and then left at about 5:30 to go way out to the edge of Bangkok. I took a motorbike taxi over to the skytrain. Then the skytrain to the very last stop, and then a taxi to Moo's place. It all took way longer than I thought it would because of trafic and I was an hour late.

The night was really fun. We all ate the amazing food that Moo cooked and then played Jenga until we started to get tired. The guy and girls from Hawaii are really nice and Moo is fun. Her condo is really small (Thai style) and she had cushins on the floor that we sat on to hang out. I ended up sleeping there on the cushins and so did everyone else (it was just too far from the Kao San area).

This morning Moo went to work early. She works in some sort of construction industry for a company that her brother owns. Then the rest of us woke up a bit late. They all planned to go to Kanchanaburi today. After a while we got hungry so we went to the mall near there and ate in the food court. After that I bought some new headphones (my other ones broke in one ear) and then we went back to the condo. It was late so they decided not to go to Kanchanaburi today, but one really wanted to. So we all got a taxi to Kao San because I needed to pick up my passport with the visas and they wanted to see about the bus to Kanchanaburi and the one brought her bags to leave today because she wanted to get out of Bangkok.

Now I'm doing this and will meet up with the two that are left and hang out with Moo again. This all has been nice becuase I'm realizing this is an ok big city, with all the bad big city stuff, but some nice things too. Most of the people in Thailand work here so there are jobs and money, and if your not on Kao San they leave you alone and live their lives. I still want to meet the San Fran guy I met a couple days ago and hang out in the Sukomvit area so I actually might stay an extra day to do that (it will be saturday night tomorrow). Plus I realized I don't have time to go to the big Koh Chang so I'm just going to Trat near Cambodia until my visa expires and then going to Cambodia. I have my visas for Cambodia and Laos now and my passport back so everything is looking good. Well I'm off to go meet the friends I've made and figure out what we are doing for fun tonight!

I'm back on the internet with my Hawaii friends and I added a bunch of pictures that I got from the group. Some new ones from the trek, full moon party pictures, and some others so check them out if you want.


  1. Hi, Andy...

    Your Dad and I heard about skirmishes on the border of Thailand and Cambodia re. rebels trying to reclaim territory ... on NPR this morning, going on currently .. you should check the news, and be VERY careful where you cross... Love Mom

  2. Andy where do we check out your newest pictures?
    You be safe............Pam

  3. hi andy..i just finish the fist page of you...hehehh!! hope to read more story from you..and see pictures when we went to
    Floating Market..:) take care..
    have a good trip then


  4. Hey Pam, I add the pictures to the corresponding blogs, so just go through the old posts and there will be pictures where there were none before.

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