Friday, January 23, 2009

Kanachaburi is very relaxing

Everything worked out great coming to the Jolly Frog in Kanachaburi. The minibus was nice, not a very interesting ride, flat, rice paddies, and palm trees. The hostel is right on a river, the "Kwai" or something like that (I've been really bad at pronouncing things or remembering Thai words so far). There is a large chill grassy, shadded area above the river with chairs and stuff, a miranda next to the river and a barge floating on the water at this hostel.
The garden I read in, and my room is up on the second floor of the building

It seems like I found my first jem of the trip. This place reminds me of the "El Retiro" in Lanquine in Guatemala. Both are relaxing and on a river. People I have met here decare it to be the most relaxing place in Thailand and the cheepest (only 70 bat for a single room, amazing). An Australian couple said they have come here 10 times and stay for two weeks each time. Other travelers, like an Irish guy I met today said he got stuck here a couple months ago on his travels and liked it so much now he is back for a couple weeks. And another girl I met, a friend of the Irish guy, is hanging out here until she goes to the same meditation thing I'm planning on going to. She has been there a few times and says its the best monistary and program for silent meditation in Thailand.

So, I couldn't be happier about my decission to leave Bangkok. I'm really tired now so I think I'm going to bed early and plan to do nothing tomorrow but lay around this chill environment and read. Thanks to all who are following this, it feels really good to share this experience somehow with loved ones.


  1. Sounds great Andy! I love reading this so keep writing when you can...

  2. sounds like fun i hope you can post some pictures. And take a swim in the river for me its freezing here.

  3. I can't wait to get down there, it sounds like everything is going well... Reading this is making me so excited. I'm finding this extremely helpful for when we show up, Thanks andy!

    Take care and stay safe. keep in touch try to email me!!!