Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaving Bangkok

So I tried to sleep last night. I took an Ambien to sleep and it worked but once it wore off I was up. I thought it was morning because i could hear them cleaning rooms but when I got out of my room it was still dark. I just read the guide book until the sun came up and went down to have breakfast at the guest house I am staying at.

During breakfast I realized why no one cared about my backback yesterday, because more than half the people out on the road have big backpacking backpacks. The night must be the time for partying and the morning the time for travel. Also the road is not pedestrian only, they must shut it down at night so people can party harder. Now there are taxi's and tuk tuk's going down the streat.

After a small walk on Khau San I decided I need to leave the capital to begin relaxing and get away from the crazyness. The road feels like where anyone from a western country comes to party all the time. So, I booked a mini-bus to Kanachaburi. I might have paid too much but it was easy and I'll be picked up in front of the hostel at 10 am. There was some time to kill so I decided to leave Khau San for a walk.

Only one block away from the Khau San I was in a alcohol free zone, next to a primary school, and next to a monastary. I walked around the monastary seeing all the architecture and art, and listening to the chanting of the monks. I continued to walk around that neighborhood and really liked it (but I think I got away from the alcohol free part). There are street venders with fried food, and an equally vibrant neighborhood as Khau San but not so drunk. Actually there were a lot more people hanging out and eating breakfast. I started checking out hostel prices and found that I paid pretty much as cheep as I could last night. I only found one place cheeper and it was only 50 bat cheeper. I've heard people found rooms for under 100 bat near Khao San but I couldn't find it. But, I like that neighborhood more than Khau San so I think I'll stay in a hostel over there when I come back to Bangkok.
The monistary near Khau San

Well this is a long post but I'm here alone so I have time to write. On a side note I've seen a lot of siamese looking cats around the city, and right now there are two kittens playing around my feet. I hope everyone enjoys the stories and I hope to keep this up as much as I can.


  1. Cool, it sounds like frat row.

    I'm kidding, I hate frat row, and I'm sure it's nothing like that. My pack is tiny. I'm gonna be one of those dirty travelers that wears the same thing every day. ARE YOU EXCITED TO SHARE A BED WITH ME OR WHAT????????

    I'm glad you made it safe. My confidence in my own flight NOT crashing into the ocean is soaring!

  2. sounds like a lot of fun wish i was there, i hope the next place is more chill

  3. And the journey begins! I am sooo excited for for you and know that the path will lead you to the exact place, at the exact time and then take one big fucking turn to start the process over again.
    Remember, BREATH. P.S. this is Carrlee

  4. Ah, brings back memories of Bangkok. I was there in 2006, but luckily, I wasn't staying on Khao San, so I just walked around there and then went back to my quiet hotel. It's a fun place, but I'm glad you're moving on! When you go back, you have to see Wat Pho and the Grand Palace- no trip would be complete without them.

    I'm a little late to this blogging thing, but I'm enjoying catching up on all your adventures!