Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in Bangkok

Today I took the bus from Phetchaburi to Bangkok after a relaxing night last night. Sandrine and I just went to the night market and looked around after I took a mid day nap. We ended up eating at the guest house and then going to bed. She is way to easy to talk to so we talking until late, like the night before. She decided to stay another day in Phetchaburi but I wanted to move on.

I got to bangkok and was able to get a motorbike taxi to Khao San road without getting ripped off! Then I walked straight through Khao San across the street and over to the neighborhood I liked and the guest house I found for 150B a night, and they had a room open. The place is the Sitdhi Guest House and it even has pretty cheap internet! So things are working out and I can appreciate the crazyness of Bangkok more after being in a real Thai city where I was one of a dozen farang.

I do really like the neighborhood, it has cobblestone streats, nice street venders, lots of farang, but not such a party/drunk vibe. I think the backpackers and travelers are attracted to this neighborhood rather than Khao San for the same reasons I am, so the vibe is much better. And, I can appreciate that travelers need a place to come together after getting off a plane or whatever, so I can understand this place. The people watching is different because its all westerners, a suprizing number of westerners, with all different kinds of backgrounds.

I had some lunch at a good street vender and I don't plan to do much else besides walk around and try to meet people. Tomorrow I'm going to try to take care of some stuff and then the next day do some site seeing before I leave for Ayuthaya which is an old historic city that another traveler said they really liked. I plan to see that city and then start moving north and see the northwestern part of Thailand. Also, if you wondering why I spell Thai cities or places different sometimes its not because I'm a bad speller but because they spell them differently, even on official signs. I think this is because they use a different alphabet so when they write stuff in english it isn't always spelled the same. Like the river Kwai was the river Kwai, Kwae, and Kwaye on official signs. So, I'm off to hopefully meet some people and hang out for the night.

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