Friday, February 6, 2009

Chillin in Historical Ayuthaya

The last few days have been nice. I spent the last night in Bangkok hanging out with the Austrailian couple. It was really good because we knew each other well enough to start talking about deeper issues and it was a really constructive conversation. There were some things talked about that really hit home with me and am still thinking about.
Yesterday morning I left Bangkok as soon as I woke up! That experience with the gambling scam attempted to be pulled on me made me want to leave that place. Everyone says that Bangkok Thais are different that the "real" Thais. I took the water taxi down the river and then walked to the train station, and took the train to Ayuthaya. When I got here I just walked over to the river and took the water taxi accross to the city (The city is on an island in the center of rivers). I walked through the day market trying to find the guest house/backpacker area. I eventually found it and acutally took the first guess house I ran into.

The guest house is a little more than I wanted to pay (200B) but it has a nice chill area so I realize I'm paying for the atmosphere and took the room. I didn't do much during the day (I think drinking the few nights before in Bangkok was taking its toll on me). At night I walked over to the night market for dinner and had a nice bowl of soup. After dinner I walked past some of the illuminated Wats. Then when I got back to the guest house hung out with a Dutch guy that is here for Moi Thai (spelling). It was interesting to hear some about the sport.

An illuminated Wat

Today I wanted to see more of the Wats in the city becuase it is a very historical city, it was the old capital from 1450 to 1747 when the Burmise sacked the city and destroyed most of the Wats and Buddhas (most of the Buddhas are headless). I wasn't sure how to see the city becuase its pretty big, so I was thinking a bike but that didn't happen. I had a Tuk Tuk driver courner me and I got rid of him by getting breakfast at a place. At breakfast I met a nice girl from South Africa and we talked for long enough for the Tuk Tuk driver to leave.

I walked to the train station with her, so she could by a ticket to leave tonight and head north and then we walked around the city. She let me just lead us around to see whatever I thought we could see. First we walked to a Wat that is off the island and has the largest Buddha in Thailand (18 meters tall). It was amazing and there was a ritual occuring in the temple where people throw clothes up to people standing on the Buddha then the clothes are stung together and then then go over the crowd while they are praying. It was a cool sight, I wish I knew more about the meaning behind it.

The 18 mether buddha and the cloth ritual (pictures can't capture it)

Then we took a water taxi back over to the island, and walked over to the historical site of Ayuthaya, getting lunch on the way. We saw three other Wats, one we walked passed, another had a 14 meter tall bronze Buddha, and then next to that was another old Wat. The final one was the coolest. The Wat is completely in ruins except three piller things, very beautiful and awe inpiring to walk around in.

the bronze buddha

The really cool old Wat with the three pillar things

Then we got some beers nearby to wait for the sun to go down so we could see the Wats in the dark all illuminated. We drank in a little local place where the owners were just so happy to have some foreigners hanging out. Then after looking at the Wats we walked back to the guest houses so she could get her bag and catch the train. Now I'm doing this before I get some dinner and hit the hay.

The pillars illuminated

One thing is I am getting a little tired of the solo thing and can't wait to see some friends. Not that I'm not enjoying myself but its a lot of work trying to meet people every day. Today worked out but now she is gone, and I'm alone and going to travel up north tomorrow and have to meet someone new in order to have some company. Maybe I'm just a bit tired because of Bangkok and just need that to wear off. I think I got spoiled in Kanchanaburi because I saw the same people several times so it wasn't so much work everyday just to have some company. I did have a great day with the South African girl, and even got a call from the French girl I met in Phetchaburi just wishing me good travels and saying she is leaving the country tomorrow.

Well I'm heading north tomorrow by bus up to Sukothai, which is the other historical capital and then over to Mae Sot near the Burmise boarder. Peace to all!

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