Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Sukhothai

Yesterday after breakfast and packing up I headed to the bus station to come up to Sukhothai. In the bus terminal first I met a nice Dutch girl that is doing similar things in the next few days and then a Welsh girl and a Scottish girl traveling together. The Dutch girl left on the bus before me and the two from the UK. It was good because since I've been up in Sukhothai I've had a few friends so I didn't have to try to look for people to meet.

The Bus ride was really cold, they had the AC on full blast. I slept a bit and then when I woke up and started focusing on the road to figure out where we were I saw a sign for a hot spring about 60 Km from Sukhothai. So, now I'm planning to stay an extra day and rent a motorbike tomorrow to go check out the springs. They aren't in any books, but the guy here at the guest house knows about them and pulled out a thai book that had them in it. Its very exciting for me to get to see a hot spring that isn't even in the guide books.

After the bus ride I had dinner with the UK girls and then we had some drinks and tried to watch a rugbee game, but the game wasnt' on (the girls were sad about that). Today I had breakfast with the girls and the Dutch girl, then we all went to the historical Sukhothai together. It didn't really seem worth it. People said Sukhothai was better than Ayuthaya but I liked Ayuthaya better. The admission price for the historical Sukhothai site was raised significantly above what the guide book said and it really didn't seem worth the cost. Maybe I've just seen too many wats recently. Once they were trying to charge us 100B to ride over to more ruins we decided not to pay it and just to go back.

riding bikes through the ruins

The coolest parts of the Sukhothai historical park

We got back to the guest house and had some lunch together. The Dutch girl went off to use the computer. Then the UK girls decided also to use a computer, and I read my book and fell asleap. When I woke up I went up to my room and within a few minutes there was some racket on the main streat. I went out to see what it was and there was some sort of parade in the street, where they were blocking it off and big groups of school kid (I assume) were dancing, or playing drums, and there was even a chinese drangon thing. The UK girls aslo came out of there room to watch and it was a cool thing to see. Now I'm doing this and we are all going to out out for some drinks before some dinner.

I think all three of the friends I've been hanging out with today are leaving tomorrow but I have to stay to check out these hot springs. I'm more excited to see them than more Wats. Hopefully it will lead me into a cool adventure, and it will be the first time I try driving a motorbike. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hola, Andres...

    Still reading, first thing I check for when I get up -- unless, of course, Samuel gives me 30 minutes to show up at Swedish...

    I particularly enjoy the reflections on traveling, esp. traveling solo, and, of course, the pics. What an ancient, rich and spiritual culture over there, eh?

    Do they weave in Thailand?