Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heading to Ayuthaya tomorrow

Last night was an ok night. I couldn't really find anyone to hang out with so I got stuck watching the Blood Diamond movie in a restaurant and had more beer than intended. I really wanted to see that movie because of the Poisonwood Bible book, which is about Africa, that I just finished reading. So when I walked by the restaurant and saw it on I sat down then of course I had to buy something and that turned into a few beers. Then when the movie ended I ran into people I didn't know but have seen around and wanted to meet. I walked to a little park with them, then when they went to sleep, got one more beer and talked to some other travelers. Not a bad night at all.

Today I haven't done much. My dad called me on my cell phone and that was cool. Its good to know people can get ahold of me if they need to. Then it was a bit of a lazy day. In the afternoon I sent some stuff home, like the tent, sleeping bag, and warm clothes. After that I ran into the Austrailian couple I met in Kanchanaburi. We hung out for a few hours and they showed me a nice place off of Khao San called Mama's Place that has 80B dorm rooms and Shima, the Japanese husband, said he has been there several times and really likes it. I might stay there next time I'm back in Bangkok.

Tomorrow its out of this crazy city and up to Ayuthaya. I figured out I can take the river boat and then walk to the train to get there, it should be a mellow traveling day. Tonight I'm going to just hang out some more, probably with the Australian couple, they are really nice. One thing I've realized I haven't said yet on this blog is about the language thing. It seems like everyone speaks english, like its the language of the world or something. Lots of europeans I've met learned english to travel aroung Asia, strange I think. Its good for me because I know the language but it also makes me feel like a spoiled American. Another funny thing is the Obama thing. Most locals when they here me say I'm American go "Yay Obama" and get all happy. Its an interesting thing to happen after the Bush years. It seems like everyone is just so happy to have the change of power, like Obama was elected by the world. Anyway thats all for now, and I took some pictures of the areas I've been hanging out in for you all.
Th Khao San Road
The neighborhood nearby that I like better
The guest house I'm staying at

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  1. Hey Andy, you mentioned in an earlier post about stopping your doxycycline because it's an antibiotic....well, I just listened to an NPR piece on Malaria, and if I were you, I'd think twice about it, unless you're absolutely certain that you're in an area free of malaria outbreaks. The new strains of the bug are treatment-resistant, and if I were you, I'd stay on the low-dose meds just to be safe. I'm just sayin'.

    Love your posts.
    Keep it up!